Liberate Space Coast

We are committed to helping people get on track to ensure compliance with state law and help them receive a state Medical Marijuana Card as quickly as possible. Come visit us and get to know our local and friendly staff, which includes medical marijuana experts, doctors and a great patient care team.

Our team

The Liberate team in Melbourne are experienced, knowledgeable, caring professionals who will  treat you with respect and who know how to get results fast!

Dr. Richard Craig Nielsen, M.D.
Certified Medical Marijuana Physician

After a rewarding career as a board certified Family Physician, Dr. Nielsen recently became excited to see how impressively medical marijuana helps patients. Mainstream medicine has been negligent in not putting cannabis in its proper place as the important medication that it is. With medical marijuana, we now have a powerful new tool available to help people with both physical and emotional ailments. Dr. Nielsen remains dedicated to personal patient care and looks forward to advancing research in this field.

Dr. Peggy Benzing, D.O.
Certified Medical Marijuana Physician

Dr. Benzing is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has served the Venice and Englewood area for 20 years. She believes that optimal health and function requires attention to the patient as an individual, adhering to the basic principles of empathy and knowledge. She is a long time medical marijuana advocate and has recently dedicated her full time practice to the study and treatment of patients who could benefit from medical cannabis.

Monali Patel
CEO Liberate Space Coast

Monali is a Software Engineer and an entrepreneur graduated from Florida Institute of Technology. In her professional career, she developed a wide range of skills while working with industry leaders such as SpaceX, Under Armour, and Amazon. She has been a lead consultant and engineer for multiple startup projects over last few years. Apart from her technical career, she wanted to get involved in Medical Marijuana industry as she personally witnessed benefits of medical cannabis. Joining the Liberate team was a great way for her to be an advocate for medical marijuana in the local community.